East Africa news blog and commentaries

Blogs have made it easier for the people in the East African region to share their thoughts, concerns and more.

Many blogs have been created, and still more are created everyday. Eapost.com is one such news blog. It features numerous commentaries on things happening in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and other parts of East Africa.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t publish comments on things happening in other parts of the world. If a story can empower people, then it can definitely lead to a publication of a commentary on Eapost.com.

Here a few things to note:

-Blogs like Eapost are meant to empower people.

How? I believe offering different views concerning matters happening in different parts of the world, allows discussions to emerge. People normally find themselves sharing their thoughts and different ideas in the comments sections in blogs or sharing the same on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg and on personal sites.

-The blogs aren’t meant to divide people

While many blogs have been used to fuel hatred, bloggers who really understand the power in their choice of words will always try hard to ensure that such platforms aren’t used for bad reasons. Of course there will always be people who will not listen to real evidence even if all facts are gathered and piled in front of them for scrutiny.

-The blogs are meant to help others discover ways to improve their lives and business

It’s part of empowering people. Usually tips and suggestions are thrown in an article in the hope that a reader would be able to learn something from the author or any other sources mentioned or linked to from the article.

-Some create such blogs because the local dailies can’t accept their work

Many people dream (or used to dream) of writing for popular newspapers, magazines and news sites. However, it is not possible for the owners of every newspaper to accept and publish every submission they receive. So instead of waiting for the right time while your written articles gather dust in your computer’s hard drive, it isn’t a bad idea to start your own blog and publish your own articles even if no one reads them.

soon enough people start rolling in and with a ‘some effort’ dedicated toward promoting a blog, it soon gathers following and gets popular.

So feel free to join (and even contribute guest posts) Eapost.

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